Aloha Wands

Aloha Wands
“Hawaii is paradise born of fire.”
–Rand McNally

It was so much fun constructing the first “wands” (see my last blog post). So, I bought myself a pair of glass cutters, some smalti and a variety of colored glass rods, and beads. Now I’m routinely picking up stones, shells and raiding my now grown kids’ closets collecting trinkets like colored stones and sparkling little jewels. It will be fun to see where this medium takes me on my color exploration journey.

Here’s a new triptych, made just after returning from Hawaii.

Aloha basically means the joy of sharing life.

Actually the word ALOHA is an anagram that outlines principles for life. It is a code of behavior, ethics and rules of life for Hawaiians.

A – Akahai, kindness & caring
L– lokahi, harmony & unity
O– oia’i’o, truthful & agreeable
H– ha’aha’a, humility & modesty
A– ahonui, patience & perseverance

Aloha Wands, 3-1 ½” x 16”


I really LOVE handling these materials and the fact that the stones carry powerful properties of their own is interesting to explore.

Quartz crystal (on the middle wand) is believed to be good for the brain and soul by dispelling negativity.

Labradorite (small dark oval stones on all three wands) increases determination, motivation and attention.  It clears worries and fears that disrupt sleep.

Jade is said to create harmony of the mind body and spirit.  It helps to instill prosperity into all areas of your life.

Turquoise assists in communicating the truth and increases energy.

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