Recent Exploration In Color

Recent Exploration In Color
“The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.”
– Maya Angelou

I’ve been exploring color my whole life in some form or fashion. It’s been great helping clients select colors for their homes, and commercial buildings for the past 30 years! That is still going strong, but lately I have been yearning for a more direct experience working with color. Happily, I’ve discovered a fabulous medium to work with.

It started with a mosaic class in Rockport, Massachusetts. We crafted “wands” out of beautiful, colorful mosaic glass, stones, shells and other found objects. The finished “wands” are meant to hang on the wall as decorative art.

“Summer Holiday”, work in progress

Summer is my favorite season, so I wanted to create a wand that conjured images of the sand and the sea. It had to feel both energizing and warm like the sun, but also have a tranquil and calming effect.

There is plenty of iridescent pink, rose and apricot glass and stones reminiscent of coral reefs, alongside contrasting colors in watery aqua, pale green and gray tints mirroring the sky and water.

Smooth, grounding gray stones, have the misty feel of dawn and dusk. Shells I handpicked from Sanibel Island’s Bowman’s Beach personalize it.

The colors and stones that were used are said to evoke these qualities.

“Summer Holiday”, Completed Triptych, 3 Wands, 1-1/4”X16” Each


Pink and Rose:  love of family and devotion

Orange:  energizing, revitalizing

Green:  freshness, safety


Rose Quartz:  lowers stress, opens heart to all forms of love

Green aventurine:  comfort, heart healer, soothing

After completing the first wand, I decided to make two more to create a triptych.  It hangs in my office as a constant reminder of my favorite time of year, summer.  It makes me happy as I come and go.

Please feel free to email your comments about my wand projects.  Contact me… I would love your feedback.