My Inspiration For A Life of Color

My Inspiration For A Life of Color
“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.”
-Claude Monet

My Dad, Curtis Rosser, was a painter. He was also a successful business man, happy to retire early to devote himself to art.  He inspired my love of color, crafts and art. One of the highlights of my childhood was connecting with him in his studio to work on my own projects.

We moved every 3 years or so when I was growing up and in each home, there was an art studio. The one pictured here was in a converted garage.  Another was in an unheated, unfinished attic space. My father even made a pottery studio space out of a large closet in my brother’s bedroom. After working all day at the office, he came home, ate and retreated to his studio to do what he loved best—make art, and I came to realize that I needed that kind of space!

To create, to recharge, to get some emotional space and freedom, I wanted a room, or even a nook and I did manage to make that happen wherever I’ve lived.

If you have the inclination, find a place where you can do your own thing.  You don’t have to be an artist to justify having a space just for you. Your room can be used to meditate, exercise, listen to music, read, or do anything that feeds your soul. I love this excerpt from “Lab Girl” by Hope Jahren, New York, Knopf, 2016, pgs. 18-19:

My laboratory is like a church because it is where I figure out what I believe. … There are rituals that I follow, some I understand and some I don’t. My lab is a refuge and an asylum. It is my retreat from the professional battlefield; it is the place where I coolly examine my wounds and repair my armor.
My lab is a place where I can be the child that I still am. It is a place where I can play with my best friend. I can laugh in the lab and be ridiculous. All of the baffling things that arrived with adulthood – tax returns and car insurance and Pap smears – none of them matter when I am in the lab. There is no phone and so it doesn’t hurt when someone doesn’t call me. The door is locked and I know everyone who has a key. Because the outside world cannot come into the lab, the lab has become the place where I can be the real me.

I feel as though my father lives on in me through my connections with color and crafts. And he looms large in my studio space where I feel free to express myself creatively.

Follow along with me as we explore the connections that make our lives rich and meaningful.

“Minnowing”, Oil on Canvas 24”X30” by Curt Rosser ( me and my younger brother)


Dad captured me and my little sister at Skaket Beach on Cape Cod