Newsletter: Winter 2017

Concord Museum: "The Art and Mystery of the Dollhouse"

“This exhibit explores the tiny worlds that capture life’s detail and stimulate the imagination.” As an Exhibition Partner on the Support Panel, naturally, my role was to help choose colors. Please stop by and see the dollhouses and miniatures from the 17th through early 20th centuries and discover the dollhouse’s evolution from wealthy treasure to colorful children’s plaything. It’s lots of fun and also mind-boggling.

Rich colonial gray paint used at the entry provides excellent contrast with faux brick house front, and blends with colors elsewhere in the exhibit.

Among the many fun objects on view are an antique high chest made in about 1770 and a tiny copy of it. In 1998, Concords own David Wood made the miniature. The primary wood of the miniature is from a branch of a pear tree that grew in the garden of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Awesome!

On exhibit October 14, 2016 through January 15, 2017
at the Concord Museum in historic Concord, MA

Painted Just In Time For Winter

Check out this grand home, which was recently finished. My partner, Amy Wax, and I enjoyed working on this project together. The colors reflect the owner's preferences and tastes while also taking neighboring house colors into consideration.

More projects from this season

Coincidentally, all three homeowners featured here wanted green houses. Here we started with an 1864 violet-colored two-story Victorian with a mansard roof.

The clients knew they wanted a green house with cream trim; not an olive, and not “an on-trend sage”. They also wanted dark green and deep red highlights.

Now the house looks more grounded, traditional and historically accurate. The accent colors were prescribed for the windows and scalloped trim as well but the clients chose not to paint them in contrasting colors.

This 1896 Queen Ann Victorian house was in need of repairs and paint. The homeowners wanted the house body color to be a darker blue/green color with lighter trim. They wanted it understated and looking well taken care of. They also wanted to draw out some of the architectural features of the house.

Need help choosing your colors this year?

Give us a holler, We're happy to help.

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