Getting Started

Interior Consultations,

To get started, simply email Bonnie to schedule an appointment in the Greater Boston area. Payment is made on the day of the consultation.

Interior Consultation Rates:

2 room minimum $350
Additional rooms $125 each.

Exteriors, Long Distance:

  1. Complete the Client Profile Form.
  2. Take photographs. Use guidelines on the Photo Instruction Sheet.
  3. Email me your photographs and a request for consultation.
  4. After we've connected, send payment using the PayPal link at left, or Paypal to

• Email me to request a color consultation before sending materials and payment.
• Rush jobs not accepted without email confirmation from me first.

Exterior Consultation Rates:

  • $650 for One Scheme (includes colors for the house, trim, shutters, doors, garage doors, windows, porch floor and ceiling, etc...)
  • $850 for Two schemes (gives you a second, completely different color scheme option to consider)
  • $1200 for Three Schemes (gives you a third, completely different option from the other two)
  • On-Site Exteriors are the same rates plus a fee for drive time.

Exteriors Via PayPal:

How Many Color Schemes?

Send Any Amount Via PayPal:

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