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For Interior and Exterior Paint Color Consultations:

Fill out this form online or print and mail to:

   Bonnie Krims Color Studio
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Include photographs, a check (made payable to Bonnie Krims), and any sample materials you wish to include (i.e. paint chips, magazine photos). If you have selected the Full Service Exterior Consultation, please include your elevations (reduced to an 8 ½" X 11" format) or send Jpeg or Pdf images.

When mailing a package, please email me to let me know it is on the way:
Pre-approval by email is required for rush jobs.

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Briefly describe your house (age, style, special architectural features)
What direction does the building face? Describe its proximity to neighboring homes/buildings?
Describe any colored "fixed features" (i.e. gray roof, copper downspouts, brick paths, stone foundation, wrought iron fence)
Are your windows wood, metal or vinyl? Do they need to be painted?
What colors most appeal to you on the homes that you have admired? Feel free to attach or email sample photos of these homes.
What if any, is your preference in terms of the house body shade? Dark? Light? Trim color-Dark? Light?
Are there colors you would not like for your own house?
In a few words or sentences, describe the goal you have for your paint color scheme. One of my clients described it this way: "We hope to achieve an impression that is edgy and colorful, but not garish or fanciful."
Use adjectives to describe (i.e. gracious, bold, uplifting, cheerful, serene, earthy, grounded).
Is there anything else that you think I should know about the house or building?


Briefly describe your home's interior (age, style, etc.)
What colors most appeal to you? Describe and/or enclose paint color samples.
Are you open to any and all colors? If not, what colors do you prefer to avoid?
Describe the goal you would like to achieve with your new color scheme? Clients have described it this way: "understated and sophisticated, urban chic, eclectic but flowing, colorful, bold, traditional with a colorful flair, contemporary complex neutrals, historic colors", etc.
What mood do you want to set? (Happy, uplifting, alive, cheerful, serene, tranquil, earthy, formal, grounded...)
Is there anything you would like me to know about specific rooms? Would you like to highlight particular areas and downplay others?
Use jpegs, 1MB maximum

Acceptable file types: doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.
May Bonnie Krims have the option of publishing photos of your completed project? Photos would be greatly appreciated!